Another Rockin’ Codechix Event

We held our technical conference proposal workshop on Saturday, and it was a blast. We ate some delicious free food, listened to four great speakers, worked on our proposals and bios, networked, and had a great time.

Our first speaker was Xiaoyun Zhu (I was listening to her and forgot to tweet 😦 ). She explained the ins and outs of getting a scientific or technical research presentation accepted, and told us to keep trying if (when) it doesn’t get accepted the first time.


Here’s our second speaker, Anne Holler. She’s explaining how to start with workshop proposals because they can be a more accessable point of entry.


Up third was Akkana Peck, author of Beginning Gimp: From Novice to Professional. She had a lot of great tips on everything from being entertaining to making great slides.


This is me. My hair is mashed down because I was wearing a mic around the back of my head. I didn’t use slides, because I was called to replace Rupa on short notice. It’s not the first time I’ve put together a talk with little preparation (shame on me!). It went well, though; the only downside was that I didn’t have my timing down, and I ran over time. I had a lot to say!


The food at Codechix events is always delicious and abundant. This is one of our classics: lamb, chicken and veggie kabobs, rice (what do they do to it to make it so tasty??), fresh pita, and salad. Hope to see you there next time!


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