OPW Applications Are Closed

It’s over. After forty days of sheer intensity, it’s finally over. I edited my application until the last second; it reached perfection (hopefully) at about two minutes till. I’m trembling, my mind is whirling, and my eyes are stinging. I’m flashing on data structures I’m not familiar with, indents that seem to shift out of alignment on their own, and the avatars of the mentors and other applicants. It’s time for a real meal, a shower, and some sleep.

There is still a lot to do over the next two weeks, until they announce the winners. I need to prepare for the Android Hackathon on Saturday, and I might even find the energy to go to the expo booth at AnDevCon. I promised Rupa I wouldn’t flake on the Codechix app, and Xtra Screen Hacks is crying to me from the back of the closet. There’s also that half finished installation of Xen on my desktop machine. I might as well play with it for awhile; you never know, that experience might come in handy. 🙂


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