Two Victories

After all the intensity of the past four months, I’ve now gotten the payoff, in a big way. First, my swapoff project is finally working correctly, and can be considered tentatively complete. I’ll be meeting my mentor face to face at the Linux Collaboration Summit tomorrow, and he’ll be introducing me to some other Linux and mm folks. We’ll sit down together and walk through the code, looking for ways to improve it. Plus, of course, a piece of software is never complete, it keeps evolving throughout its useful life. Still, I can now count this as a finished project.

Second, I competed in another Toastmasters Area contest, and this time I won First Place. I’ve won Second twice, and have now graduated to the Division stage. One club elder who has been a big help to me says that if the club can be compared to elementary school, this is like a junior high graduation, and I’m ready to go on to high school.


Thanks so much to everyone who helped me, in both areas. I’m keeping names private; you know who you are. You rock.


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