What the Heck Is a Kernel?

I attempt to answer that question, for the sake of the layperson, in this Toastmasters speech I gave this afternoon.

My evaluations and feedback were overwhelmingly positive. I got a lot of praise not for just making this topic accessible, but for even trying in the first place. The audience liked my analogies and my jokes. Although my positioning on the stage is sometimes lacking, I was told today that I stood in the perfect place. Glad I finally found my clicker last night, or I’d have had to stand right by my laptop.

My evaluator had some good points about my examples. Yes, the modem is very outdated, and I knew it. I’d started out intending to describe what historically came next, but then lost sight of that, leaving the inappropriate example still there. Also, he zeroed in on the word I was grasping for: “multitasking.” It’s amazing how what we think we know deserts us at times.

It feels good to get out of my loop and connect with other Toastmasters like this. Thanks, Cadence AHgorithms, for welcoming me.


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