Linux Kernel Hacking 101 at NVidia Toastmasters

This is the official online resource area for the Linux Kernel Hacking 101 talk on Thursday, March 19, 2015 at NVidia Toastmasters.

This post is to let you, the attendee know what to expect from the talk, make the additional resources easily accessible in one place, and provide space for additional discussion.

This talk will familiarize you with the activities and habits of a Linux kernel contributor. It is intended to be entry level to people who already know a little about programming. While it’s helpful to be familiar with open source tools and methods (such as the C programming language, Git, and IRC), it isn’t necessary. Most NVidia technical employees probably already know enough to follow the talk easily.

If you are unfamiliar with the idea of an operating system kernel and what it does, please visit this link for a quick intro:

Kernel Definition

The agenda for the talk will be:

1. The creative cycle of coding: finding your contribution, creating and delivering your work, gathering and incorporating feedback
2. Communicating with team members and community: channels of communication and learning, purpose and benefits of working with others
3. Coding your changes: ways of working that are peculiar to the kernel, or helpful in its context
4. Delivering your patch: making your work available and accessible to the human stewards of the codebase

The talk should take about 15-20m.

It is not possible to give sufficient detail about any of the individual technologies and skills that go into the craft of kernel and open source participation, much less all of them. There is a wealth of excellent tutorials and information already online. A list of these has been compiled in the slide deck, and is reproduced below for easy access. git repositories
Linux Kernel Newbies
Outreachy First Patch Tutorial
The Eudyptula Challenge
KVM Installation
Linux Kernel Mailing List
Various Linux related mailing lists at Gmane
Linux Foundation events
Linux Weekly News
Irssi – The Client of the Future
Wikipedia entry for the grep command
Linux Cross Reference at Free Electrons
Linux Kernel Coding Style (pdf)
Vim the editor
Pro Git (Also available here)
The Mutt E-Mail Client
Video of this talk from SCaLE 13x

Last but not least, here is the Github repository for this talk, including the slide deck. Run

$ git clone

if you have Git installed on your system.

Thank all of you for participating! Please leave a comment with your evaluation.


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