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Setting myself up on Fiverr

So I just created a gig on Fiverr. Usually, I’m the one who reads every scrap of instruction and advice I can find, and constructs a giant decision tree, trying to anticipate everything that could possibly happen as I work up front. Not this time–I was so eager to get my listing up that I jumped in feet first. It turned out fine, because although it was a bit time and labor intensive, it was simple.

They wanted me to create an account before I got a good look around, so I just went ahead and did it. They wouldn’t let me use an email alias. I’d rather filter my email on an alias than on a keyword, so now I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t lose a message.

I already had a clear, workable idea for a service, and so when they told me I’d be up and running in five minutes, I believed them. I should know better. On the Pricing screen, I was offered the option of creating three tiers for my service. I could have gone ahead with just the tiny test service I had in mind, but I knew this was my opportunity to invent a genuine, serious product, and I should take it.

The hardest part about the Description and FAQ page was paring my sales pitch down to fit the 1200 character limit. Cutting is a fact of life, and I’m finally getting used to it.

Then there was the Gallery page. For as much as I’ve struggled with the Gimp, you’d think I’d have some skills by now. Oh well, I can always polish and improve later.


For reference, the steps are:

1) Overview – tagline and category
2) Pricing – simple product or three tiered system, with the option to offer add-ons (such as expedited delivery and extra re-dos)
3) Description and FAQ – your marketing copy, 1200 chars plus the FAQ
4) Requirements – what you need from the client to do the job (in my case, I needed a video or audio file of the speech I’m to evaluate, plus an optional text description of the client’s goals and objectives)
5) Gallery – one (required) to three still images, and optionally, a video
6) Publish

BTW, if you’d like some coaching on your speech, come see me.