Brain dump for a hypnosis induction

Imagine yourself in the center of a giant flower. The flower has long white petals and an orange yellow center. The center is like a giant pillow, and you are lying on top of it. You are alone. You can see, in all directions, many flowers, but none are occupied.

The center is, in turn, made up of what seems to be many small pillows. They, and you, are covered with soft, crumbly bright orange pollen. A little bit of it gets in your mouth. It tastes like cheesecake. You crumble a little bit of it between your fingers.

You can hear the wind blow softly across the valley. There are also the calls of some birds high up in the sky. As you lie completely still, in the warm sun, insects buzz, although you cannot see them.

The breeze gently shakes your flower, and your body sways back and forth gently along with it. Feel your body sway back and forth along with it now. Feel your weight shift to the right…

You recline onto your back, and stare up onto the sky. It is a deep, brilliant, almost lapis blue, with a few wispy clouds and sunbeams dancing through it like veins and streaks of pyrite. A cloud blows slowly by you. In it, you see the image of a recent time when…

You make your way to the edge of the center, and look down between the petals. Below you is emerald green grass that sparkles with crystalline dewdrops, and furry green flower leaves. Some shafts of sunlight penetrate between the flowers, and they make the blades of grass seem to glow. The grass comes about halfway up the flower stalks. The blades are just thick enough that you can barely see the surface.

Along the surface, and up and sown the grass blades and flower stalks, run round, polka dotted ladybugs. There are some on nearly every color of the pastel rainbow. There are pink ones with yellow dots, and yellow ones with green dots, and green ones with blue dots. They twiddle up and down the stalks and blades, twiddling their antennae, bumping into each other.

On the underside of one of the petals on the next flower over is a whimsical snail. He is headed for the calyx, and soon he will head down the stem of the flower towards the ground. It is ten times the length of his body from the calyx to the point where he disappears into the grass. Watch, now…

Take all the time you need to go all the way and relax to the very core. Go all the way to the center, as layers yield to reveal layers underneath, until there are no more and there is only the one, the you, that is at the center of it all and there is perfect, unconstrained relaxation and peace.


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