Random practice

How to be tired, how difficult it is to not fight it

She made it halfway to the kitchen this time, before the ache stopped her. The air smelled too fresh. The breeze against her face was too bracing, even in the closed up house. The incongruence. The strange silence-she actually heard a clock ticking, that she hadn’t noticed before, which made the dead 3am darkness and

The screen flashed even more intensely in the darkness and quiet, with nothing to take its place in her mind’s eye. Curves were everywhere; especially the bannister seemed to have a square black handle hanging off in space next to each coil.

“Make them go away,” she ordered herself.

She focused hard on the butterscotch texture of the wood, only for the black control points and handles to pop out again the moment she relaxed.

So close. She was getting so close.

“It’s only 2:30. Tomorrow’s not a work morning, and if I’m in bed by 3:15 I’ll be okay.” …

there is a vicious cycle, the more tired you are the more elusive, and frustrating, it becomes to nail the task. (and the worse your results.) Hence the more driven you become, and the more you wear yourself out.

  • Using photoshop, blender
  • Tapping a rhythm
  • Remembering a complex passwd
  • Counting money
  • Preparing a tps report
  • Anything while exhausted
  • Anything for the first time
  • Shooting at a target
  • Gathering all info on a topic
  • Threading through a hole
  • Anything with tweezers
  • Any sport of form
  • Closing a stubborn door
  • Correct pronunciation (st:tng)
  • Having sex
  • Coding
  • Looking cool
  • Playing skill/video games
  • Remembering the way when lost
  • Factory/piecework

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