Brain dump for a hypnosis script

I would now like you to tjink of something that frightens you. Perhaps you have a fear of something in your environment, such as spiders. Or perhaps it is an activity that you must perform,such as driving across a bridge. If you can’t think of anything right away, maybe there is a movie or a viral story that frightened you. There is no need to picture it vividly. Just let the image of it in your mind be blurry and muffled for now.

Notice how you feel. Move up and down your body, and note any tightness in your muscles caused by the fear. Be aware of it and honor it for a moment, and move on. Notice any labored breathing, dry mouth, or dizziness. Perhaps your vision is blurry, or my voice might seem to be coming from far away. Take a moment to be with these feelings now, and know that although they are unpleasant, you can accept them, and you can continue on in spite of them, aias.

Now i would like you to take the same image, [actually goes before] and imagine it on a movie screen. I would like you to imagine you are standing in a vast and beautiful desert. [describe] in the distance is a movie screen. On the screen, in black and white, is the image of the thing you fear. Just glance at it and look away. Look back at the [beautiful stuff] and let the uncomfortable sensations pass. Congratulate yourself for your willingness…and for the progress you have just made aias. Good.

Now imagine that you take a step in the direction of the screen…now walk boldly toward the screen…

I would now like you to think of something you used to be afraid of, but aren’t anymore. Maybe ypu had a childhood fear that you outgrew, or…how do you feel about this thing now? Do you find it fascinating? Boring? Does it fondly remind you of who you were at a different time in your life? Take a moment to appreciate this fear that you have conquered aias good.

Now think of a legitimate fear that you have. Maybe you know a bully, or someone who misuses their authority over you. Maybe you have to drive along a dangerous stretch of freeway, or you could be at risk for a lawsuit. There is some area of ypur life where your fear is a healthy response, and it works to protect uou. It sharpens your senses, and helps you focus on the problem. Take a moment to congratulate yourself for facing up to this difficulty in your life, and to express gratitude for your fear in keeping you mentally healthy and safe, aias.

Because you know you are a brave, powerful person of substance who moves forward with a clear mind and an iron will. You will not be intimidated. Petty obstacles, threats, and uncertainties do not deter you.

I once knew a little girl who was afraid of the lion on the tv. Every time it came on, she would run and cry to her mother. One day she decided she wanted to be a big girl, so when the lion came on, she stayed and watched it. What a brave little girl! Today lions are her favorite animal. She likes to go to Africa and shoot pictures of lions, for the tv. It is fascinating when what you feared becomes your friend, don’t you think?


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