Steering the Craft exercise 2

picture like a nest kind of like a nest but it looks like a lava flow or like a city with freeways coming and going it is glowing some kind of green or vibraating chartruse some kind of ugly vomit color which glows and vibrates there in a puddle right on top of my low back right on the skin where i would have a tramp stamp if i was a real girl but i’m old now and i have this icky glowing slime mold laying in a network of strings and beads flowing from just under my skin on the low back as if i’d been flayed i feel raw as it is with the slime mold eating into my spine and into the delicate little facets the way it did my entire left hip already and outward from there if the hyphae of the mold are any indication with the little glowing bright beads of electrical pinching and biting and zizzling running along the nerves in every direction from my arms up to my shoulders and down along my hips and ultimately to my foot specifically the ball of my foot and the tender spot that runs through from just under it to the top and back up along the nerve on the inside of my right calf to my right inner thigh the one that is supposed to be the good one but is the compensating side and is now the one falling apart which is what i wonder is actually happening when the pain jumps the circult and just buzzes through my entire body for instance my jaw which is constsantly exhausted from clenching and my shoulders which have to support my head on top of a crooked spine and have the knots on either side of the base of my neck to show for it

edit: not sure i did this correctly


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