Possible tall tale

logan’s run rewrite: a youngish (55? 45?) woman, shortly after the milestone birthday, receives an unexpected cheerful text message from her insurance/health oirganizatin/ etc reminding her it’s time to staart gearing uip for her end-of-life care plan
she notices that “end oif life” is coming younger and younger,
is treated more and more callously, is more and more normalized,
there’s imbalances in access to currently available care
(i.e. the young stay younger and the elders age faster),
(in a scarcity environment, rationing could kind of make sense
although socialist,as the still young can regain the most
but, it can help elders reach the coming technologies,
which doesn’t help the young and makes that beside the point)
and there’s some suspicious timing going on:
the current (slightly rusheds) plan will phase out (i.e. kill) most of a certain generation just before the point
where extended lifespan technologies emerge to save everybody who’s alive then will dictate the (power) balance
of the population going forward, and the culture
(who is qualified/allowed to b e part of the future?)

possibly the technologies are not fda approved (by design),
b ut the wealthy and connected can go overseas to get them
and mc has been shut out of the wealth creation process
(interesting twist, not necessarily for this story:
she has gone through the proper channels all along,
but has been prevented due to ageism, sexism, etc
(and of course all the accompanying lies and blankouts),
and finally in desperation, grabs at a socialist measure
that she is ostensibly opposed to
because it is the only way forward open to her
amidst the more real and immediate hushed injustices
she faces in the fake meritocracy
(and in the long run, through her eyes, less unjust)


possible tall tale: “a little bird told me” (concept)

inspired by voytek’s course:
mc makes the awful misleading “How to make a mojito” video
“I took this awesome cruise with my friends, we had so much fin
I met this amazing bartender, he hs 40 yrs mojito making exper
and he is hot, I captured his knowledge for future generations
and there are some shots with me and my friends, to set the mood”
then the little bird shows them (in a pool reflection etc):
some viewers, same planet different universes
ex. a well dresssed successful black couple,
have just been pulled over for nth time (so are stressed out)
because cops figure he can afford to be milked for tickets,
fresh mint is a super special treat for them where they live, etc
dying for a drink, mc’s “how to” has bubbled to the top
nice couple goes understandably nuts waiting, (hit scrubber)
then recipe is too detailed and nitpicky to be useful
“Goddam youtube! Didn’t this say ‘how to make a mojito?!'”
** eddie murphy impression for the rant?
mc then argues with bird, “that was not my intention”
and all the ass covering bs that pppl cover their asses with
for sexual harassment, etc ->brainstorm pick 3
“If they can’t have a sehnse of humor
if they don'[t appreciate my friends blah blah
i thought they would enjoy seeing that
they don’t have enough patience
myn recipe is just better, they want to cut corners
my boyfriend/mom/etc liked it, whyh don’t they
i just wanted to put it out there, i didn’t mean ahything by it
but i went to all this work and made it extra special
there’s nothing bad in it, it’s not like child porn or anything
i could have put x in there, but i didn’t
they just don’t like me, it’s not about how i made the vid
it was just a five word title, don’t make a big deal
how was i supposed to know they wanted
to make a mojito right then and there
do I have to anticipate every scenario in which
somebody might whip out their phone and watch a video
if i was black they would have loved it
->at which point bird wins by some corrolary to godwin’s law”
(optional: mc is jealous over the guy,
woman whips out print recipe book and mc feels beaten
maybe even says “sdcrew this attention seeking bimbo let’s get in done”)
bird says “I know the video title made sense to y ou,
b ut you have to consider it vrom the viewer’s pov,
not just justify yourself and blame them
you have to ask how the communication is received,
not just tell them how they should have taken it”
parting shot: mc goes home and retitles the video
“how to really make a majito” and declares problem solved
(after “So how can I make it uip to them?”
“First, recut your video. Move the recipe to the front
and title it “Mojito micromixology with fun in the sun.”)


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