Confidence affirmations

Wrote these a week or so ago but didn’t think to post them.

Be proud to be who you are.
All those who respect you admire your success.
You rise to the occasion.
You are resourceful and resilient.
You have worked hard to develop your skills.
You are diligent about forming good habits.
You can handle w..r life throws at you, & come out on top.
You deserve to congratulate yourself.
Imagine your spine stretching up tall.
It is an honor to meet you.
Congratulations on your success.
Good people admire you. You are an admirable person.
You do not mind taking up space.
Hard decisions do not intimidate you.
Thank you for all the effort you put forth.
The extra care you take shows in your results.
You have what it takes to win.
Your excellent performance is repeated and reliable.
Challenges are no match for you.
Let yourself feel proud, you’ve earned it.
You are the one in control of your situation.
No one else decides what’s best for you.
No one dares to push you around.
You have the right to be treated with respect.
Boundary violations are to be taken very seriously.
When you walk into a room, you make an impact.
People see what you have accomplished, and they are pleased.
You raise the bar.
Those who truly see you see honest achievement.
You are not afraid to be authentic.
Your successes have been truly earned.
Self-respect is yours, regardless of what others say.
Honoring your own needs and wants is essential.
You know who you are, and you get what you want.
Excellence is an automatic, unconscious habit for you.
Build your own strength first, then take care of others.
You have strengths you’re not even aware of yet.
Your skills have become so automatic, you take them for granted.
You are an inspiration.
There is someone who looks up to you.
It is good and right that you value yourself.
You value your time, and expect others to as well.
You value your work, and expect others to as well.
You always do what you know is right.
You have every right to be here. You belong here.
You take action. You get results.
People like watching you work. You make it look easy.
Standing in your presence is an uplifting experience.
Getting to know you is exciting and rewarding.
You make the world a better place by being in it.
The moments when you shine show who you really are.
Challenges and inconveniences do not deter you.


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