Puffery and brain dump for hypno sessions

think of a place in your body that describes how you feel. Maybe you feel the emotion in a particular place in your body, or maybe there is an experience you have had that prompteds an association of this emotion with a prt of your body. Maybe you have heard someone say something like “love in your heart” or “hold your head high and proud.” …

Now I would like ou to take that same idea, of an emotion being located in your body, and expand it do that you sense your emotion somewhere in the room, or in the space around you iff you are outside. Even if you are not sure where the emotion is, try to feel where it is emanating from. Is it coming from inside of you, or outside of you? …

color, pitch…

Now go up and down your body, and notice any negative or positive physical sensations that you feel. Perhaps there is a painful spot, in your shoe or in your neck. Or perhaps there is a spot of pleasure, a cat in your lap or… or perhaps there is an allover ache frm having the flu, or a pleasant sensation from a recent activity or from something you have ingested. Notice any such feelings, be aware of them, and thi k of how they integrsate into your mental state and how they might be affecting your mood…

Remember, amazingness is a fractal phenomenon. It occurs at all levels and in all corners and permutations of reality. And you are a hot spot. You are an amazingness hot spot, a bright mandelbrot of awesomeness that affects all the colors around you, right from where you are, wherever you are, and at whatever it is that you do.

Think, now, of your infinite nature. Think of the strengths you have, the unique energy and goodness you bring to the table, and how it goes on and on, with more and more sources and permutations and flavors. Think of how when someone looks at you closely, they see good things, and when they look more closely, they see those good things resolve into many more good things, more good things about you blossoming into view the closer you look. You are a very good person, and someone can see that from up close, and from far away.

And you are the same person no matter how anyone looks at you. You are consistently who you are, purely and authentically, in your totality and all the way down to the tiniest, most precious detail. Everything flows from your true source, your authenticity, and your honesty with yourself and your respect for yourself. You may have different sides, and many details about you may be fascinating on their own, but in the end, you are always inescapably you from every angle, and at every level.

And as you go over your body…notice any feelings of helplessness, or disempowerment, or lack of resourcefulness that you may have. Notice any feelings that do not serve you, that are unwelcome, or that keep you trapped… It’s important not to judge yourself for them, or punish yourself for them. They do not mean you are weak, or that you are a willing victim. They are only states of mind, it is normal to experience them from time to time, and they can be changed if it benefits you to do so. If you are feeling fully empowered and resourceful, congratulate yourself.

If you are not, imagine now what it would feel like if you were totally and completely in your power right now. Put a bookmark on your disempowered feelings, and bring up an empowerd staste, and let yourself feel and expereince it for a moment. Feel your posture, and how you would hold your body if you were empowered right now, if you would be standing tall and proud, or taking up more space. Give yourself permission to do this. Think of how the scene in front of you would look, how it sparkles and glows when you are in your power and fully active. Think of how the air around you seems to burst with music, and how even commonplace sounds become melodic, when you are claiming your strength and taking action.

If it is uncomfortable for you, just put it on as if you were trying on some clothing, just to explore it for a moment. There is no pressure to suddenly change the way you feel. Just observe one, and then the other. Don’t worry, you won’t lose anything if the disempowered feelings slip away. You’re not obligated to feel that way. You’re not bad or irresponsible because you let them go.


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