Various mental images

A field of mountains, all jagged, beige rimmed with gold. Like teeth, their tips line up about evenly with each other, except for one, which is conspicuously prominent. All the way to the horizon goes the sea of jagged points. Nowhere to land, nowhere to rest, except for in the delicate cracks between them. In one crack is a grassy valley. Stone shoots high and seemingly straight up at its edges, and it goes clear through to a big patch of sky at the far end. The valley is carpeted with long, lush grass. Smaller stones dot the valley floor. The grass wraps around them, and over the tops of the shorter ones. In the center of the valley stands a huge natural stone monolith. It is rough and wide at the base, and slightly narrower near its flattened top. It reaches up into a deep, almost gemstone-bright blue sky. Some wisps of mist cling to it about three-fourths of the way up. A v formation of delicate white birds cuts through the mist, stirring and dissipating it with their wings. The birds fly on up the valley, with the two tails of the v fluttering like ribbons.

Calls from the birds, breeze blowing, sun beating down, smell and squish of humus underfoot, green smell of the grass and moist air

Closer to the monolith, you notice that although it is rough and hewn by nature, it has large carvings on the sides, too high and large to have been carved by humans. They are symbols, sent to you by a race of intelligences from the far side of the cosmos. They are reaching out to you to tell you how awesome you are. Think now of a symbol that makes you feel … It might be a familiar symbol, such as a cash icon or a peace sign. It might be the map outline of a country or state, or it might be a letter that stands for something,…


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