Some book and hypno script notes

parting shot of virtual worlds: she is in the lobby basically alone (others stepped off to the side, or left). In a recap of the moment she first uploaded, when some random punk walks by and gives her a shove for no reason, it happens again–only this time, she takes a quick glance to make sure no one else (in particular, the love interest) can see, then in a genuine rage threatens and intimidates the hell out of the punk (grbs him by the hair, you don’t fuck with me you goddamn brat) and sends him packing, wide eyed and terrified. When he’s in turn out of sight and she is really alone, she breathes a sigh of relief, thinks to herself “look at all this free, open unobstrucred space around me” and starts dancing (although kind of stiffly, because her joy is tainted. It has been a phyrric victory.) The message: she has solved her own immediate problem, but at the cost of becoming part of the larger problem, because there is no other path to her goal of being a code contributor. It is literally the armor she needs to cross the hostile terrain, and it’s the terrain builders that are at fault. Book 2: at the midway crisis point, he sees security footage/etc of this, and does indeed leave her over it (what he truly can’t accept/blanks out on/blames her for is that the culture pushes women down that path).
maybe she has been seen dancing similarly and put down for it before.

@scanners episode: by co-scanning the good guys find a maybe traitor, one who intellectually says no but is weakening. Climax: the two co-reside in @darryl’s body for a little while, and have access to each other’s limbic responses and memories. The real final battle begins when @cameron makes @darryl face the one thing she has been blanking out on her whole life, the core of what has been driving her behavior. (@ruth et al, while definitely contributors, are off the hook on this one.)
->full flashbacks to the backstory and their childhoods, @mental hospital stay[s], etc


For a hypnosis script: I would like you to imagine yourself [six months frfom now, one year from now, and now because remember, set anchors & don’t overdo in the begin]

feel the joy tjht connnects to, and the eagerness to take action
feel your chosen new habit settle into place, so tht you don’ tthink about it
imagine what your life will be like when it is automatic, the benefits
imagine a time when it is a challenge, or an inconvenience
think of what it feels like when you cheat, the guilt, the rationalizations
which is not the same as the inevitable little ramping up stumbles

Notice the ease with which your thoughts and your personal power flow out of your lips and hands into the world, and become part of it, and change it for the better. Think of how right and good this process is, now natural that your thoughts inside and your actions outside flow from one to the other. Because you belong here, your power is part of the energy that makesk the world turn. The universe needs you, this life that is in you and emanates from you, this special movement of you that gives it a little push and keeps it turning.


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