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Some Useful IRC Resources

Since this was such a popular topic at the Women Who Code meetup, here are some of the resources we discussed (and some we didn’t).

Welcome to #irchelp
IRC at the Mozilla Wiki
Connect to freenode IRC
Princess Leia’s Irssi Basics
Google Summer of Code: IRC is where People Talk about Open Source Projects


Women Who Code Open Source Workshop


I’m mentoring at the Open Source Workshop #3 given by Women Who Code. There’s a special OPW focus today, because the application period opened yesterday. The most popular topic so far has been IRC; how to choose and set up a client, how communities use it, and sorting out the initially confusing tangle of clients, networks, and channels. (Networks’ web clients, helpful as they may be, can add to this confusion.) It’s been productive; lots of attendees are interested in getting started with open source, whether they become involved with OPW or not.

There’s one more workshop coming up, on October 4. This one will be held at Brightroll in San Francisco. If you’re interested, it’s not too early to RSVP.

Women Who Code SF: Open Source Software (4 of 4)